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Register for a Program

I offer programs, workshops and retreats in different formats, that help you dive into the world of Vedic Astrology. These can be online and/or in-person depending on the program and the nature of the retreat. If you're interested in learning with me, fill out the registration form below, and we can take it from there. 

My programs are offered on a sliding scale, ensuring accessibility for all. Please contribute what feels fair to you, considering it supports the continuation and growth of my offering. What amount are you comfortable in offering?

Thank you for sharing. I'll be in touch with you!

Learner testimonals

"I loved the clarity, the depth, and the creativity of your pedagogy: the stories and metaphors brought liveliness to the teachings. Vikram you are an excellent teacher who prepare well the sessions and is offering us practical tools to navigate with ease and simplicity in this Astrological river of information. I’m delighted to have started this journey with a teacher who is passionate, pedagogue, clear, present and creative. With gratitude and enthusiasm to continue this learning journey"


- Vikram Devatha -

Have questions?

You may be feeling overwhelmed with all the different books and courses on this topic out there. Dont worry, you're not alone :) If you would like to speak with me, or have some queries on getting started with Vedic Astrology, send me an email. If you are already familiar with this topic, read my blog

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