Introductory workshops to enter the world of Astrology

Astrology, or Jyotish Shastra, forms an integral part of the cultural traditions of India. In these introductory workshops, we cover the basics of Astrology in varying depths, as well as concepts of Geography and Astronomy that are essential for understanding the natal chart.


Astrology can become a lifelong study, and in fact, I believe it can encompass a  journey of several lives. All we can do is plant the seeds of knowledge in this life, or water the seeds that we have already planted in our previous lives,

and see what becomes of it.


Whether you consider Astrology as a tool for understanding yourself better, or to help others on their Paths, there is something in it for each of us. I welcome you on this Path with a few introductory workshops.

Ongoing classes

Study Group in Vedic Astrology

Weekly sessions to share and learn the concepts of traditional Vedic Astrology. The focus is on an intuitive (and mythological) understanding of the principles involved. New students can join by catching up on readings. 

Saturdays 9 to 10am in the Aurelec Conference Room (Auroville).

Online classes: Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Weekly sessions on Skype in Vedic astrology from November 2018. There will be 8 classes, one a week, of 60-90 minutes each. This will be tailored for beginners and will cover the basics of Planets, Signs and Houses.  Videos of previous sessions are available for new joinees. Required: a Skype account, access to "Astrology of the Seers" by Dr. David Frawley, a minimum commitment of 8 classes, plus 2-3 hours of self study every week.

Other workshops

The first half of the workshop will explore the science and logic of Astrology, as well as the rationale and philosophy behind it. We will explore the Elements, Planets, Signs and Houses that are fundamental to reading a Vedic Astrology Chart. The second half will demonstrate a live Vedic Astrology reading, which will give a flavor of what an Astrology reading entails. Each person will receive their individual Vedic Astrology chart, and learn to orient themselves to it.

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Specially designed for students of yoga, we will explore the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology with the help of Yogasana. Participants will learn how asanas can be used to strengthen and/or control the Grahas (Planets), Rasis (Signs) and Thathwas (Elements). Over the course of 2 days, participants will enter the world of Vedic Astrology, and integrate this traditional knowledge with the practice of Yogasana. The understanding of Astrology will deepen with the help of Yoga, and can be used to devise a daily practice as indicated by the natal horoscope. In so doing, it will provide a foundation for further study of Astrology. It will be a weekend of astrological theory and yoga practice; with reflections & introspections.

Astrology through Yoga

In this workshop, we will cover the basics of Astrology - the elements, signs, houses and planets, as well as the philosophy and rationale behind them. We will also explore the concepts of Geography and Astronomy that are essential for understanding Astrology. We will learn how the equator, the tilt of the earth, latitude, longitude, right ascension, and the precession of equinoxes influence the manner in which an astrological chart is read. The workshop will include a live Vedic Astrology reading, as well as a star gazing session in the evening (weather permitting), which will bring alive the theoretical concepts covered in the workshop.

Astronomy of Vedic Astrology

In this 4-day special, we will cover the basics of Astrology and integrate this traditional knowledge using modern day photography. Participants will learn the basics of both fields. This will provide a foundation for further study of Astrology and Photography, along with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and the environment. We will cover all topics mentioned in the 2-days workshop, as well as a tour of Auroville, a visit to the local temple, street photography and a forest walk at sunset followed by a star gazing session. We will focus on understanding the Elements (or the Planets) in depth, both in a classroom environment as well as capturing their essence through photography


Photographing Vedic Astrology


"I really appreciate the workshop for his clarity and interactive way.  It gave me a real understanding of notion that I had in mind but that I could put together and it has reinforced this feeling in me of the beauty and magic of Life, that there is something else, much bigger than us, that organize the universe. It gave me the wish to deepen the subject."


"I found the workshop very enriching and I learned so much from it, thanks to Vikram's patience and his  way of making even the more complex concepts accessible. For me, it really reinforced the understanding that Astronomy is an essential, foundational aspect of Astrology."


"From skepticism to wonder to studying Astrology, Vikram has been a catalyst in my transformed understanding of the universe and self. His passion for astrology keeps us curious and inspired to learn more and look forward to the next step. He has a calm and clear approach to educating us. I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and their world."



"The cards  u have sent , are  wonderfully  designed. It's a brilliant  representation. U have  taught  me  a way  to  understand   astrology  in a different  view. The  yoga that  we learnt  from  you  was  energetic.  I felt  the  difference  the day  after  our class. I am  exploring  a way to  link Bach flower  remedy  and astrology ,  so it would  take  some  time to  clear  my  doubts  will  have  a session with  you."


"The workshop was a wonderful mix of theory with demonstrations using different objects and actual 'embodiment' of the concepts through interactive movement. We rotated on our axis like the earth, while revolving around the sun, and in this active and playful way, we learned of right ascension and declination, the equinoxes as points where the equator and the ecliptic meet and how astrologers divide the celestial sphere. Through different demonstrations, we also learned about the heliocentric and geocentric views of the Solar System, the tilt and wobble of the earth, the precession of the equinoxes and the difference between the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac. Vikram used different objects such as a golden bowl representing the sun, and different coloured balls as the planets revolving around it, with the constellations in the back ground, to visually and spatially illustrate the Zodiac and the planet in sign concept."



Where do these workshops take place?

Either in Auroville, or at your location. The ideal space for these workshops differ from workshop to workshop, based on whether we cover only the theoretical aspects, or incorporate movement and bodywork to integrate the different concepts. I can also offer some of these workshops online.

What are the dates for these workshops?

These are held on mutually convenient dates​. Get in touch with me, and we can schedule something that suits both of us. 

Can I attend as an individual, or only in a group?

Both are possible. In case I have a workshop already running on the dates in question, you can join that, else we can schedule it separately for you. For longer duration workshops (2-day and 4-day), it is better to be in a group of at least 5 or more.

What are the fees for each of these?

Fees depend on the duration of the workshop, and the number of persons attending. Get in touch with me, and we can work it out. 

Do you offer any workshops on advanced topics?

Yes, possible. There are several topics that we can explore, including vargas, gochara, tajik, prasna, ashtakavarga, shadbala and bhavabala to name a few. We can also look at non-technical topics such as interfacing with the client, and setting up your own practice. Let me know your interest and we can take it from there.