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My sessions have helped  people get a better understanding of their lives, and find a way to address their problems. I am confident that Vedic Astrology can help all of us, regardless of age, gender, nationality, caste and creed. Here is some feedback I have received from my clients. 


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"My heart wanted to send you a message of thanks for all the beautiful messages and prompts posted in the group.It’s magical how things unfold for me even before the message comes out somedays and on others exactly what is posted for the day. I feel so aligned with the cosmos .. thank you for adding value to my life journey and a sense of validation of the right path keeps me rooted and free at the same time. Deep gratitude 🙏🏾"


"Thank you Vikram, these are great insights..... the way you have played with different aspects of what I have said, puts my own thoughts in perspectives that synchronise with my purpose.... it took me a few reads and ruminations before this hit home.... my purpose is also my mission, my way of life. I need not look any further. It was a great experience 

Much gratitude"


"The session was great, an insightful journey into myself, which will make it easier for me to retreat back to my innermost self as and when needed without any guilt or fear of being sensitive or judged all the while. Also, the fact that there was acceptance and comfort while communicating makes it even better. Thank you 😇"


"Thank you for sharing my chart Vikram. Our conversation brought a lot of clarity about where I am and the journey ahead. And it was immensely helpful to have the perspective of an ancient science as a tool of guidance."


"It was good. Learnt about my strengths and a emphasis to work with my strengths which are learning and resilience and not worry about the weaknesses."



"Wonderful,insightful,extrenmely rewardingstre. Was great.. I c no need for any improvenent..was a very special 1 hr 4 me"


"The experience was amazing. I'm living a moment of reconnection with myself and reading the map gave me more clarity about my challenges and virtues. I confirmed that I am on the right path, and the need to pay more attention to aspects of my life that were in the background. everything was perfect, wouldn't change a thing"


"It was very interesting, the chart was very fit with my pattern. It was important to me understand some way I take my life"


"It was a very special experience,  because I'm very used in western astrology, but this was my first one with vedic. The points focused by Vikram were very acurate for my moment, starting in a kind and soft manner, but going deeper with clear and useful words. I was feeling a need for finding more purpose in my way of Life and the consult helped me to understand that firts I must see and discover my identities and roles in each part of my life, connecting them to my basic profile of subtil balance."

"It was a nice experience and very interesting. Vikram explains in a good way and takes time with you. After this consultation, I got some clarifications about my life. It helped me to take some decisions. It's very interesting so 1 hour It's not enough, I suggest you at least 2 consultations with Vikram."

"As a student of astrology I have sought and received the guidance of a number of astrologers over the last five year period, and in my honest opinion Vikram is foremost among them. Vikram's deep comprehension and reliable eloquence allows for penetrating insights to be communicated clearly and effectively. Employing simple analogies, he is able to relate the complex dataset of one's natal chart in a way that is straightforward and accessible to all. Even so, when tasked with specific questions on certain aspects of the chart or reading, he is able to drill down into the issue in depth. Vikram is not only an excellent astrologer in his own right, I had the distinct sense that he is also a gifted educator, and I look forward to potentially working with him as a student astrologer  in the years to come. To anyone wondering whether Vikram's astrological insights are worth engaging, I would say not to hesitate!"


"Greetings, all 3 sessions were awesome, intellectual and deep diving. Sessions were eye opener and quite helpful in understanding yourself and find you, your purpose from Vedic Astrology. I am really grateful to you Mr. Vikram for your kind dedicated effort to make these sessions meaningful."


"I was happy to hv the meeting with you & the simple way u put the rudder of the boat in the person's own hand & let them steer it if they wish or just lay back & enjoy the rocking of the waves if one so wishes -- Even if the stars are aligned in a particular way I can make the small obstacles move away if I wish"


"The vedic astrology session with Vikram was one of its kind. I greatly appreciate how he steers the session into what is useful information to address the questions I came with, and simplifying the charts into bite size portions. His clear communication and capacity to place the readings into context without biases is commendable. The session helped me to see deeper into my real nature and eventually perhaps in navigating my way into the flow of life in the direction I seek."


"I do not consider myself capable to give you feedback but if this is a procedural but I can share the tidbits. 1. The way you take pause is very helpful 2. I have started to observe that you focus on reflecting what is there in the chart and sometimes it can be disjointed or disconnected with the question or perspective that a disciple of you may want to bring. So quite a lot of time you are able to intuitively bring those connection but my sense is that it is not always required. (Just to give you a perspective lot of time when I used to visit my guru earlier it was never a question answer of the horoscope it was just sitting across and conversation and then suddenly he may say do you want to are you undergoing a stress or problem and then he for sure knowingly will just ignore it telling me just to not open a topic). This expression is not pertaining to our this conversation but when I reflected on previous ones."


"The sessions gave me a better understanding of my nature and mind! I could do a lot more sessions because time passes so fast! There are some things I can't relate to or I don't understand now, but I know I will remember when I experience them. Thank you Vikram to guide me threw this sessions and giving a helping hand!"


"Vikramji, Your reading of birth chart was very clear. The explanation of the impact of planets on the birth chart was very easy to understand. The chart reading session has definitely helped me in my planning and looking for career opportunities that I can be successful. Thank you."


"Thank you very much for the sessions. Your approach to astrology is fascinating and quite empowering. I found it to be a very intuitive process - you always knew when I had something to share and also wanting to know what I was processing. I found this very helpful, because it made me connect and reflect on your insights. The stories, the analogies, the images made these sessions so much more rich. Vikram, it is incredible to know the kind of knowledge that you have and yet be so kind and humble. It was an absolute pleasure to have my chart explored and the experience was quite fulfilling. Much gratitude!"


"Vikram, Fo me, you come across as a very candid person. Your attempt to make this session interactive and relatable with analogies have added to opt for more than one session and I couldn't be any more assured for my decision. Session has re-assured my ways with course of life and nudged a few small yet important things, which I didn't give much attention till now. Throughout the session , I was entirely relating to things and could easily sync them up, thanks to the subjective analogies. Thank you for being immensely patient and attentive to smaller details through the conversation."


"I just want to thank you. You have been a light.  You share knowledge of the Vedas, of Vedic Astrology, so beautifully: a very good teacher you are! Or shall I say that you are open to being an instrument of the Divine in a lucid manner. For which we are grateful. Work well done!"


"Your patience in explaining the astrological chart and how it translates to one's life is truly remarkable ..have not come across anybody who can explain the basics of astrology to a layman like you did.. Wish to have further understanding of this science with you...thank you"


"You make the session quite comfortable. Your way of expressing and communicating is quite effective. It was immensely helpful. I had a mental block towards astrology which got diffused. I am now able to see at myself from different perspective. I wish Sessions can be longer :)


"The session was good and touched upon good point. One thing is I expected the session to be a bit more faster and cover some more points in 1 session. We could cover only one very few points of many in one session. So, this is one place where I felt may be it could've a bit more faster in cover some more aspects. nevertheless it was great session up to whatever was covered. Thanks for your time."


"Vikram’s sessions helped me gain a deeper understanding of my nature, myselves and provide a direction for the future. It’s almost therapeutic to understand how you can align your work, relationships and other aspects of your life to your true nature!"


"This session helped me connect to and receive guidance from Divine of what I have been looking to understand for some time. Vikram is considerate, kind, patient, knowledgeable and helped me understand the question that I was seeking understanding too. I am surely booking a second session to develop further understanding"


"Thanks so much for the session, Vikram! I want to share that the more I receive these readings the more I'm understanding and enjoying a lot the contents. It is always very inspiring 🎆 Moreover, on the resonance of my Aquarian heart☺️, I want to add that you radiated a different light, in positive way! I felt (and apreciated a lot) a flow of intuitive wisdom, openness, inspiration: I loved that 🙏🏻 Might be related to your Pranic Living ...or might I just have been more ready to receive this guidance 💎 Thanks again: I'm very satisfied and I'm looking forward to continuing soon!"



"Talking to Vikram about Astrology and the play of the planets in the sky, in life and with each other is always an enriching experience and has become a kind of way finder for me. His ability to always keep the observations and the readings at a higher plane (and inner planes) is something I really admire about him. the session really helped me in bringing clarity about holding on to my strengths and working with the weaknesses."


"More than anything else talking to Vikram is a therapy in itself and the guidance in terms of planetary position adds sense to what is happening in your life and whether you are headed in the right direction or not! The session helped me to get sensitized in relation to my present planetary position."


"Very patient, sound and knowledgeable. It would be great if u combine the knowledge of ayurveda and Astrology. It taught me techniques on how to get rid of regrets"


"This was my first experience with a vedic astrology reading and Vikram was very slow and detailed with his analysis. The video before the session was helpful to understand the focus of the session so you should look at it and prepare yourself for how you intend to use the information you will receive within the session before hand. One hour went by very fast and did not explain the entire birth chart in one session, so do not expect that it will be all done in one session. The waiting time is very long for a follow up session so it affords a lot of reflection and preparation time for your next session. Having reflected on the session I had yesterday, I feel like I now have a new reference for appreciating who I am. During the session I was reminded of the qualities I possess and have identified in the past. This has started a process of reflection and I find myself asking more questions about myself after the session ended. I am also curious about the other components of my birth chart and how this presents itself as strengths and weaknesses in my life."

Trevor Ramesh Samaroo

"The best. The readings gave me validation and added clarity to myself which led me to know myself more which gave me increased confidence and empowerment. The readings helped me own my own power finally. There was a plethora of information given in an easy-to-follow format. The readings helped guide the direction of a good career match and helped defined my goals going forward for my career. I feel like a brand-new refreshed person. Thank you so much. The information is invaluable and precious always. A great investment in myself."


"Vikram is one of the most intelligent human beings I have ever encountered. His is a deep-rooted, multi-faceted, and compassionate intelligence that serves others in the highest way possible. He is a clear communicator who conveys both the practical and the lofty. Vedic astrology sessions with him are akin to looking at a "master code" to help one live in such a way that one lives according to one's divine design in a joyful way. I convey the highest of recommendations."


"I don’t understand much about stars and nakshatras and this was a first time for me . I was fascinated to hear about everything you said and how correctly you could predict my husband’s character. I am intrigued and will follow your advice and get back to you."


"Thank you Vikram! And thank you for your work, for treading your Path which sheds Light and knowledge to others. Truly I enjoyed our time yesterday. It confirmed and opened further my way. Looking forward to any and all courses in the future."



"Vikram explains in great depth your chart and it’s implications . What drives you , what influences are on you and how you can work on addressing them . He gives you a template for living. It helped me understand the core of who I am and what drives me."


"I always enjoy Vikram's Vedic Astrology sessions and insights ! He is very experienced and knowledgeable. I apreciate his clarity and compassion in explaining this ancient art and science for the path. It's fascinating, brings awareness and it invites to dive deeper and deeper! Namaste"


"It was a great session - eye opening in fact that how accurate a psychological profile can be just based on birth chart. it helped me in reaffirming my identity and my drives which i always felt about myself."


"Vikram is a gifted astrologer with a knack of simplifying the esoteric language of the stars and offering sound practical guidance for life. Really brought together a lot of loose threads that I had been holding. Like connecting dots or putting together a puzzle, it helped me see the larger picture of my life a little more clearly. "


"I feel your perspective, the level you read the chart is very uplifting and inspirational. I really appreciate your ability to clarify the symbolism and bring it to life as it is now."


"U have an amazing intellect in analysing things. I found the chess analogy just fascinating, stunning, brilliant and flawless. It gave me a clear picture whether I should nurture or take part in competitions"


"It was very nice session... Vikram helped to understand how my chart it and what is happening and what I can do to reach my goal. Rather than prediction he gave me the ways to reach my destination. Session helped me to understand things happening around and look at new perspective and understand what we should do."


"Your presence was really calming, and your approach to astrology added value to my life, it gave me insights into what my natural tendencies are, and I hope to use these insights to guide me as I walk into the next phase of my life. Thank you!! This session helped me realize some things about myself and why they might be the way they are. It gave me insight and direction into what patterns I usually follow and I think this can help me as I move forward with my career and relationships."



"I thought that the zoom format worked just great, and everything went well. Nothing that I would change specifically. It helped clarify things that I didn't understand about the astrological influences upon me in the next year or so."


"The session helped me to get an insight into the quality of my upcoming year. It is helpful to keep all the information in mind when decisions will come up. It will allow me to actively decide how I want to deal with the river - go with the flow, swim against it or choose any other possibility there is. Thank you Vikram for your time and the very clear pictures to explain the charts. "


"I absolutely got what i had expected out of a session with you, Vikram. Thank You for stressing on to “no predictions”. Only awareness and understanding. It gave an empowering feeling rather than creating a dependency. Look forward to another session soon 😊 Your session gave me a different perspective, changed the lens with which i see my life :) In complete gratitude 🙏 "


"So far, it's been a nice pace with a healthy mix of logic, intellectuality and spiritualism. I'm really enjoying the journey this practice is taking me through, and I'd love the work up till the outcome."

"Astrology demystified through transparency of interpretation and setting of reading expectations. The style and demenaor with which the reading is performed, much helps the exploration of life as a journey."

"You have a very helpful, rational and sensible approach to astrology! They say that the quality of questions determine how good the answer will be and you have given me a lot of good questions to ponder. So thank you!"

"Vikram, I really liked the way you explained all the different stars and what it means as this is the first time I actually saw a horoscope in detail. Looking forward to understanding other areas in our next session. Thank you very much for the explanations."

"Vikram is not only knowledgeable but he is also good at communicating in a calm and composed manner. His approach is different then others, he wants to help the individual get to know themselves better and learn how to leverage their strengths and weaknesses. I would definitely recommend Vikram to anyone who is interested in getting a good read on their chart. "

"These Vedic Astrology sessions opened another world, another language for me, offering a sensible approach to utilizing the keys of Vedic Astrology in my everyday life, thus understanding myself better as well as a friend or family member . That is, I understood that although each individual is born with particular traits according to their signs, elements, dualities and qualities, yet there is free will, choices to be made; nothing is carved in stone. We evolve, we aspire, choose ..... we grow."


"The session made my personality more clear to me and the careers I could pursue which would give me creative and moral satisfaction. The session was conducted in a very respectful and helpful manner and it was easy to understand and gave clear guidance."


"You were very thorough in your explanation and made it simple and easy to follow. I’m now hungry to know more so I can be sure I’m not swimming upstream!"

"I liked the very practical information and suggestions that were given and I also enjoyed the analogies used to help my understanding of Vedic astrology"


"This was my first session in astrology. I am really happy that I took the decision to try out this method on my current path. It helped me much to understand things that are going on right now in my life. I am interested in going deeper and see more aspects of my chart. Your way of explaining with many pictures and examples is very helpful to get a good understanding for “newbies” in Astrology like me. Thank you for the session and your time!"


​​"I had a reading of my natal chart by Vikram. The three sessions offered a logical explanation of the covert and overt aspects of my being and life’s journey, interpreted with respect to the evolving celestial patterns. The sessions were meticulously structured that gave me a nuanced, articulated description of the different areas of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with Vikram. My Heartfelt Thanks and Best Wishes to Vikram!"


"Vikram , I liked your simple and keen acumen to understand and explain very clearly the chart and it’s influences . Your perspective of not prediction but an over visual of what exists. I am going to take time to understand the nuances of all your knowledge and how I can find one more glimpse into soul. The session helped me to understand my birth chart and the effects and energies that exist. It gave me a great perspective on where things stand right now and what I can do about them. A deep understanding of birth and soul’s journey. Thank you , very valuable and insightful session . Will be back for more soon !"


"Vikram provided a truly insightful interpretation of my chart. His style was very forthcoming and straightfoward that helped me address the heart of the matter! "


"It's a delight to have a Vedic astrology session with Vikram. For one, all the difficulties when interpreted by him from the Vedic stars 'angle' - they all seem so much easier to understand, giving an opportunity to explore ways of tackling them. The focus shifting on finding solutions & moving forward rather than being stuck in thinking of the problems. It's also very interesting how he tackles questions related to future actions by interpreting the alignment of stars - without giving standardised answers. Will definitely consult him for any of my sticky issues."


"ויקראם יקר,
תודה על המפגש המעניין אתמול.
למדתי הרבה על הסימנים והכוכבים שמשפיעים על חיי מרגע הולדתי ועד היום.
אני חוזרת וקוראת את אשר כתבתי והכל מאוד מדוייק,כפי שאמרת ההחלטה באיזה נתיב לבחור כרגע היא שלי אבל בהחלט נתת לי הכוונה חשובה.
תודה רבה על הידע,הסבלנות והחכמה שהענקת לי.
אני יודעת שנפגש שוב,
תודה רבה,
שלומית רוזן."


"You are a very good astrologer. And the concept of involving yoga asanas , something within, is awesome. You give the remedies with logic, helps in accepting it. And motivate to rely on it for long. 😊"



"Very genuine Astrologer , everything was very much correct as much I observed about myself years.. it made my coming time much much clearer and very positive .."



"I enjoy the clear language and imagery you use to make the material accessible for someone who is new to astrology like me. It feels like a very free, open and exploratory space that makes me curious to dive deeper. Would love to schedule a second session next weekend if that works for you."


"A comprehensive and very helpful review of the influence of the outer world and remedies available to make an efficient choice. Thank you Vikram for your guidance"


"It was very good atmosphere and I liked your example a lot to understand the meaning better "


"I think you are excellent at interpreting the charts and a great listener! I like how you conducted the session by first asking the areas of focus so that you could keep coming back to those areas. Also I loved the use of analogies and the depth into which you have read about the subject. You changed my views on astrology!"


"Was a very good and helpful session. Vikram is very good with what he does and he promptly answers all your questions. I recommend Vikram, thank you."


"I enjoy the clear language and imagery you use to make the material accessible for someone who is new to astrology like me. It feels like a very free, open and exploratory space that makes me curious to dive deeper. Would love to schedule a second session next weekend if that works for you."


"Dear Vikram, thank you for the time today, I was re reading my note and now mutch more clear pic about things... we keep in touch Vik 👍🏻✨🙏🏻❤🌱🎋🌳🌎🌍🌏☀"


"I have received consultation last week. It was a great session on work and profession and received many suggestions from Vikram regarding my profession. I highly recommend this package to get a overview on work and profession based on your birth chart"


"It was really interesting to understand about astrology and through that about oneself. He really explained it all so well, that I almost felt I was in a workshop"


"Vikram is very knowledgeable and presented the information to me in a very professional manner"


"Was a very detailed discussion."


"Found the session very useful to gain insights about my strengths, personality and areas to work on for future goals. A lot of what Vikram said resonated with me and i got some tips on things to focus on for the year."


" I would be glad to go on studying my family birthcharts with you. Also my own birthchart, as I' m in an important year professionally. Your way of reading astrology really fits with me!"


"My first session with Vikram opened me up to the beauty of Vedic Astrology. Vikram helped me understand the basics of planets and constellations, and, my tendencies and strengths. He read the chart with sensitivity and care, allowing me to absorb it all. Seemingly complicated concepts were explained patiently using simple examples, which gave more clarity. The session was well paced and structured, with an educative introduction; it concluded with me feeling more insightful and relaxed. Vikram was very accurate with my tendencies and natural behaviour (helped me gain tremendous insight) and also suggested useful techniques to strengthen them. I highly recommend him to anybody willing to get a deeper understanding of themselves through Vedic astrology."


''I appreciate your depth of listening and understanding. Feels safe to share. Your observations were very accurate. It gave me confidence to go on the new path. It made me more aware of what is happening in my son's life. Thank you''


"I have always been interested in Astrology and had already gotten my birth chart read a couple of times, yet this was my first real encounter with Vedic Astrology. I am always excited to find new ways of getting to know myself better and Vedic Astrology has provided me with a new, fascinating lense through which I can see my natural tendencies and qualities, as well as the challenges I face and the areas in which I can progress from a totally different and fresh perspective! Thank you so much for the birth chart reading, Vikram! I am now looking forward to explore it further."


"J'ai aimé cette session d'astrologie védique qui est bien différente de l'astrologie occidentale. Par exemple je n'ai pas le même signe. J'y ai appris à mieux me connaitre, mes traits de caractère, mes atouts et mes faiblesses sur lesquelles je dois travailler, ce dont j'ai besoin et qui m'épanouis le plus dans les relations et le travail. On choisit les points que l'on veut aborder et sur lesquels on veut des éclaircissements. Vikram est très sympathique et j'ai adoré la façon dont il explique les choses de manière simple et imagée. Des images très parlantes et qui m'ont bien fait rire parfois. Je conseille d'enregistrer la séance pour pouvoir la réécouter plus tard, ce que je n'ai pas fait mais qui m'aurait été bien utile car la session est riche en informations."


"The Vedic astrology session held by Vikram allowed me to explore myself, my birth chart through different lenses (than the Western astrology science) which deeply resonated with me and opened new understandings of the phases of my life i went through and that open before me. Vikram provides a space of self introspection along with clear explanations and symbolisms that support a deeper understanding of oneself. Really valuable."

"Since some time I was wondering what direction my life was taking and what the near future had in store for me. I came across a notice in "SITA" in Pondicherry through which Vikram, an old friend of mine from Auroville, was proposing Vedic Astrology. I was looking for some kind of prediction... this will, happen, that may happen... Actually the answers to my queries were more depending on what I AM knowingly or unknowingly, what are the tendencies guiding me... Ultimately Vikram opened a door which led me to a better understanding of what I AM, what I should change to improve... Clearly my future will depend on my progresses... Thanks to Vikram"

Name witheld

"The session with Vikram was very interesting. I am a bit of a sceptical person but I decided to give it a try and I would be very happy to go for more. Firstly, he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, and spoke eloquently. Secondly, he gave me a good overview of some of my qualities and weaker areas. I was surprised at how accurate many of these were, and the way he explained them was thought provoking. I asked lots of questions and he happily answered. Lastly, he doesn't have a deterministic perspective, but instead his approach is more suggestive of forces at play, this means that you can retain agency over your life and feel empowered."



​"I had an astrology reading with Vikram three times. We have spoken in detail about my own birth chart and about my daughters chart and Vikram after the three we were able to speak (analyze) the relationship between my child and me according to our charts. This was very liberating for me, as motherhood hasn’t been easy so far due to my child’s strong character. After Vikram’s approach to both our charts I have been able to accept everything that happens inside of me and outside much better, have understood most of my own and my child’s behavior patterns and have as well been able to start a much calmer life due to my new understanding. I see this as the first step into a whole new chapter of my life and we are very much looking forward to my partners reading and my own “year ahead” reading, but because we are back in Europe and Vikram is working in India we have still not managed to come together on skype. Thank you again very much Vikram!! I hope you can open up other people’s perceptions about themselves as you did mine. All the best to you."


"I had never had a full astrological reading prior to visiting Vikram and I was amazed at how accurate and in-depth it was. I ended up having a number of follow-up sessions as I found Vikram's manner to be very calm, insightful and assuring. I would not hesitate to recommend Vikram to anyone interested in learning more about Vedic astrology, and themselves."


"Je ne suis pas habituée aux consultations d’astrologie. Encore moins en ce qui concerne l’astrologie védique.

Je n’avais pas d’attente précise quant à cette consultation, juste une approche globale de ma charte natale, quelques précisions sur mes soucis de santé et aussi quelques perspectives d’avenir… La première chose importante qu’il m’a été dite est que l’astrologie est juste ; seules les interprétations peuvent quelque peu différer selon les astrologues. C’est ainsi que ma date de naissance avec l’heure et le lieu ont perms de vérifier les grandes tendances de ma personnalité. Je dis bien « vérifier » car à 62 ans, mon chemin de vie m’a permis d’expérimenter beaucoup de choses et si l’astrologue avait révélé une charte natale complètement étrangère à ce que j’ai vécu depuis ma naissance,  le scepticisme aurait prévalu.

Or, sans reprendre toutes les explications quant à la position de la lune, du soleil et des autres planètes interférentes, je me suis « assez bien retrouvée » dans les positions du soleil et de la lune.  (une différence sensible avec l’astrologie occidentale). Le besoin de justice, de connaissances, d’expériences multiples, l’humilité, le don, la bonté,… l’importance du père… c’est bien çà même si je n’en ai pas toujours pleinement conscience. Il a été question des finances mais on ne l’a pas approfondie.

Accentuer les contacts avec la terre et l’eau, privilégier une alimentation végétarienne pour améliorer et renforcer ma condition physique… Poursuivre réflexions et découvertes et surtout donner, aider mon prochain… Un tournant dans ma vie en 2022… ? Il me semble que ma charte natale est écrite et immuable mais que les chemins empruntés et que j’emprunterai, donc mes choix, plus ou moins heureux, ont permis et permettront d’atteindre plus ou moins vite, plus ou moins difficilement mes objectifs. J’ai été très satisfaite de cette consultation qui serait sans aucun doute  à renouveler devant des décisions importantes à prendre."


“I recently has a reading with Vikram and he clearly has a deep knowledge. He was able to explain the influence of planets in a way that was meaningful to me. He offers his insight with humbleness. I left the session with a deeper understanding of myself and my patterns. I found it very helpful."


"Thank you very much for the reading. I realise I hadn’t been very proactive in the discussion; probably coz I was trying to absorb what was being said or probably was a little skeptic. Having reflected a little on what you have shared, I must appreciate how you went about the reading. I don’t think I conveyed that well enough. Your reading has made me a little bit more aware or acceptable (or probably see myself through another lens). Also, I can relate to certain aspects of my life from another perspective, which is interesting. I realise I need to reflect more. Secondly, the way you went about it made me for the first time; view astrology from a point of science; which I before did not see it as. So I’d like to thank you for that as well. I think your way of making someone understand it as a science is really really nice. I enjoyed that the most. My rational mind could relate to it"


"Hey Vikram, yesterday's reading was very insightful and reassuring. lot of respite in turmoil. thanks 😄"


"I did two readings with vikram, after the first one I was so intrigued I wanted to come back. His interpretations really resonated with me and I wanted to learn more about my birth chart as well as the odds for my next year. I can really recommend getting a reading from him!"


"It was the first time I consulted an astrologer and I was very surprised by the accuracy of the results of my chart. It helped me to clarifié so questions that I had and also gived me some interesting ideas to work on my weak points. Vikram is very professional and I recommend him if you want to meet an astrologer"

Name witheld

"I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Vikram. He has an amazingly calm and comforting manner and took the time to clearly explain the system and all the aspects of my chart. He was also very giving and open in answering my many questions. I will be booking a follow up consultation Vikram and I can't recommend him highly enough."


"Vikram has a calm and unbiased manner of explaining that doesn’t force upon us anything as written in stone but allows us to reflect on our tendencies. If you want to get some clarity in your life I strongly recommend taking the time to let Vikram read your charts. I went in a cynic and came out a believer."


"Vikram has a calm and patient demeanor when reading charts. One can get a better understanding of oneself by knowing their tendencies in life with just one session. If it is astrological help you want, going to Vikram will be quite beneficial."


'For me, the most useful thing about Vikram's reading was how insightful it was. The reading helped me to understand many aspects of my personality I would not have otherwise. It also helped me work out the tendencies of my path. This was very helpful to me, because the reading focused more on the areas where I needed to improve, rather than on specific events in my life. After the reading, I was able to understand many more of the patterns of my life, and why I might be encountering the same situations again and again. Above all, the tips and tricks that Vikram showed me about how to balance different aspects of my personality, which came directly from the horoscope, were able to make a real impact in how I live my life and have already changed many of my relationships. I would absolutely recommend his services as a particularly insightful astrologer.'


"Simple clear and inspiring"


"The reading with Vikram was a good experience and gave me relaxation and trust for my life themes. It confirmed some of my personality traits which I had been watching sceptically and some of which I had been fighting for a long time, judging them as wrong. I can now accept them more easily as a part of myself. The reading also helped me see more clearly that I am on the "right path”, i.e. a path that suits me. I feel more motivated to use my potential and take on bigger tasks with more optimism and inner lightness. Regarding my relationships with other people I feel clearer about my role so that those relationships can be more fulfilling for all. During the reading, Vikram listened empathically and very patiently addressed all of my questions and doubts. If needed, I would request another reading with him."


"Vikram is a master Vedic astrologer, a guide, a holder of the light. He expresses his craft in a practical manner so you can make adjustments, as needed, to your life. You will address deep karmic patterns so any change supports your soul purposes. There is a sense of complete presence. Accurate, accessible, humanistic and even a little funny in parts...I highly recommend scheduling with Vikram either in person or remotely. "

Linda Nueva Thepot

"I worked a lot with western astrology and got a perfect insight into Vedic astrology today. It has been a really profund and clear reading. I am interested to go deeper! Thank you!"
Martin Steixner

""Very interesting, useful and practical approach! ""


"Vikram has developed a unique approach that blends Vedic Astrology reading with self awareness. I liked it because it was detailed and he gave few specific points to improve through self discipline and control."

"It was really a pleasure to have consulted you for Vedic astrology. I was actually recently looking at my notes ! It gave me some valuable insights on my family and life situation and helped me deal better with the circumstances. I also found quite interesting the concept of cycles (7 years and multiples) and could acknowledge some correspondence in the events. I thank you very much for that."

“Vikram’s reading of my astrological chart from the Vedic perspective was was well done in that he provided insights that had never before ( in Western Astrology) been offered to me. He took his time, he was patient with the many questions I had and seemed to me quite knowledgeable in interpreting my chart. Now, a few years later, I plan to consult with him again.”

"Vikram gave me a horoscope reading last year and I must say that it was very accurate, he told me about my personality and my life in general. All his predictions were true and he helped me to better understand myself and my path in life. Thanks to him I could make good decisions for my future and I am now a happier person. Thanks Vik!!!"

"II was very pleased how accurate it was telling the long and winding road story that my 72 year life has been. The next few years look to be interesting as well. Vikram was very professional and caring, If anyone from anywhere in the world would like a Vedic Astrological reading I would recommend that they contact Vikram."
James Laker

"Vikram’s knowledge of Vedic astrology and experience reading charts, combined with his empathic nature and depth of insight, has helped me gain a better understanding of my life’s path and purpose. His practical wisdom and willingness to explore and take a closer look into specific queries has been of great value as it has allowed me to grasp deeper and more meaningful perspectives. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is interested in Vedic astrology to have a reading with Vikram."

"Mr. Vikram is highly knowledgeable in astrology and his chart interpretation was very accurate also. From a very young age he has used this gift well and he was well known in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavna. His prediction is also balanced and realistic. Good guidance."

"Being only acquainted with the in the West more common horoscopic astrology, but increasingly attracted by (ayur)vedic approaches to life, I found Vikram’s reading interesting and intriguing. As a Westerner, one initially has to squint a bit through the disorientation caused by the fact that both the Western and Vedic approach use the same signs: while I was Cancer in the former, I now am Gemini! And having lived my life as a convinced water sign, recognising and living its traits, I now am told that I’m very much an earth sign, features that may open up entirely different vistas.… As with every reading -or any other subtle treatment- the consciousness and background of the person providing the service is of crucial importance and I was not disappointed here. Through his various activities in the City of Dawn, Vikram has proven to be by no means a wishy-washy person and this was one of the reasons that contributed to me giving him a try. During this session, he was very well-informed, objective while also sensitive, motivated and high-level committed. Can recommend."

"I booked an astrological reading with Vikram in 2014, at a time when I was undergoing profound change in many areas of my life. The reading supported me in gaining clarity and trust for my next steps forward by confirming a career path I felt drawn to. I also gained insight into some of my mental and emotional patterns, which has helped me recognize them more easily when they arise, and handle them with more care and responsibility towards myself and others. I keep going back to my notes from the session regularly, even after years. Overall, I enjoyed the way Vikram conducted the reading in a very respectful and empowering way – offering astrology as a tool to learn about myself more deeply, and reminding me that it is up to me how I use and act on the tendencies of my birth chart. I highly recommend his readings."

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