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Consultations in Vedic Astrology


Who is this for

If you are willing to reflect and consider a different perspective, if you have struggled at it for long, if you have tried different things to make it work but still couldn't, if you are open to changing your approach and lifestyle, then this is for you. Whether its about a relationship, family, home, health, income, career, work or profession.

Find your way using Vedic Astrology

Solve your day-to-day challenges, either in your personal and professional life, using principles of traditional Vedic Astrology. Use your horoscope to better understand yourself and the situation, and get solutions that take advantage of prevailing planetary positions. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, then read on. 

How does it work

First we make a map of the sky at the date, time and place of your birth, and then use this as a way-finder to address your issue at hand. You'll hear stories from the Vedas and from Greek mythology, and get a different perspective of the situation. We then identify the path forward, taking your current lifestyle, attitudes and beliefs into account. 


How am I different?

Rather than make predictions about your future, I focus on helping you achieve your goals. Astrology helps me in identifying (and dealing) with the blocks on your road to success. I believe that all of us have the Free Will to navigate the currents of life. Watch the video to learn more about my approach to Vedic Astrology.

Has it helped others

Several people have benefited from Vedic Astrology, and from my sessions in particular. I am confident that Vedic philosophy can help you find a more peaceful and fulfilling life, regardless of age, gender, nationality, caste and creed. 

Dry Woods

How can I get started?

It takes 3 sessions to find effective solutions to most questions. Click on the link below to get started. I'll check my calendar and share some date and time options with you. Once we have blocked our calendars, you can proceed with payment to confirm your participation. You can find  details on pricing and fees here. 

About me

I have a post-graduate diploma in Vedic Astrology from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, and 20+ years of experience in teaching and consulting in this field. To learn more about my approach, read my blog,  follow me on FacebookInstagram or YouTube, email at or WhatsApp +91-984 394 8288

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- Vikram Devatha -
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