Get insights to your questions, and to different areas of your life.


I offer readings and workshops in Vedic Astrology that will help you become more aware of your personality, as well as the 'tendencies' at play in your life. These include strong inner character traits, conscious and unconscious, that lead to habits and patterns in your day-to-day life. Becoming aware of this, as well as taking hints from the Vedic scriptures, will allow you to make better decisions as you navigate your Path.


​Our lives are a fine balance between fate and free will, destiny and choice. Some things are predestined in our lives, but there are also many things we can change. This becomes easier if we are aware of our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the obstacles we will likely face on our Paths. My approach to my readings is to make you aware of your strengths, and use those strengths to reach your goals.


Each reading lasts 60-75 minutes, and can take place in person or online. Plan 90 minutes for each session, as this will give you a few minutes to gather yourself before the reading, as well as a few minutes after the session to reflect on the main points that emerged during the reading.



Different reading packages are possible. We can schedule these on mutually convenient dates.

Think of the birth chart as a map of your life’s journey. The planets and signs along with the aspects, transits and progressions are like a map that allows us to find our true way. I analyze your birth chart, for an overall life reading. You will gain clarity on the different tendencies at play in your life, and also learn what the Scriptures suggest, as the best course of action for you to take. You will receive a copy of your natal chart for future reference, as well as suggestions on how to approach life's various challenges. Time permitting, I will also look at transits and planetary periods, to give you an idea of what may be in store for you. This was the most popular package in 2018. 

Life Journey

This package is ideal for those who are attempting a change in their profession, and/or who are in the process of taking on additional projects and responsibilities in their current line of work. This is a series of two readings that cover the details of your career and profession. We will look at your 'compatibility' with your workplace. I will share a brief character analysis as well as the types of roles and responsibilities, and kinds of work that are most  suitable for you. In the case of specific queries, I will also use the Shodashavargas to gain insights into your situation. This can make a difference in your thinking, attitude and how you approach your career and work life, and help you in putting your best foot forward. 

Work & Profession

This set of readings will focus solely on relationships, including compatibility and suggestions for improving your relationship, whether with a life partner or any significant person in your life. It includes a series of three readings through which you can gain clarity on how well you relate to the other person, and what you can do to improve your relationship. In the first reading, I will delve into your birth chart and share insights into the kinds of relationships that you will find most fulfilling. Next, I will look into your partner’s birth chart and explore his/her areas of strength and challenges. In the third reading, I will use principles of Vedic Astrology to check the  compatibility between the two charts, as well as suggesting ways to improve your relationship.


This reading is for those who are facing an important decision in their lives, and who wish to consult Vedic Astrology for answers to questions such as, "Should I move to another city?", "Would working with XYZ be successful?", "Is this doctor the right one for me?" and so on. It is important that the question you ask is the one that is foremost in your mind. We will speak about your question, what it means to you, as well as alternative questions that could be asked. Once we identify the core question, I will use principles of Prasna to reveal what the stars foretell. This is usually an add-on to any of the other readings. 

Choosing change



I am passionate about the Vedas, and have been studying Vedic Astrology, Yoga, Cosmology and Philosophy for several decades. I completed a post-graduate diploma in Vedic Astrology at the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, and subsequently taught Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan in Bangalore (India). I have over 17 years of experience in giving readings and teaching Vedic Astrology.


Apart from Astrology, I have written a book on Vedic Math, a system of mathematics that allows problems to be solved quickly and efficiently. This is the first installment in a series of books that seeks to present the material in a modular fashion. It is free of charge and available on Google Play and Apple iBooks.


Get a Vedic Astrology Reading

Gain insight and guidance regarding your career, family, love life, health, and life direction. A session usually lasts 60-75 minutes each, and can take place in person (if you are in Auroville, India) or online (Skype, WhatsApp). Get in touch with me, tell me what you are interested in, and I'll type you an offer. Payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. 

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Vikram Devatha

Astrologer and Life Coach

Auroville, TN 605101 India


Cell/WhatsApp: + 91 984 394 8288



What are your charges? And how can I make payment?

Let me know which package you are interested in, and I'll make you an offer. Readings usually last 60-75 minutes per session, and sometimes extend to two hours (rare, but possible). You can pay using PayTM, bank transfer or PayPal. Contact me for details. If these options do not suit you, let me know and we can work something out.

Ok great, what details do you need from me to get started?

For readings, I will need your date, time and place of birth. You can provide this information during the session, or before the session. If you don’t have your birth details, I can answer specific queries using Prasna Shastra, which uses the date and time when, and the place where, the question was asked. However, for readings involving "Character Analysis", it is best to work with birth details.

Can I record the session, or take notes during the Reading?

Yes, you can take notes or use any recording device. While you may share the readings with your friends or loved ones, I ask that you not share lessons with anyone else, in any shape or form.

What if I'm not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with the reading, you are entitled to a full refund, provided that you let me know within the first 20 minutes of the session.

Can we have a Reading as a couple?

I recommend that reading sessions are done separately for each person. We need the full duration of a session to go into a chart and understand the character of the person in depth. If the reading is about the relationship, then yes, you can have the reading done as a couple.