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Consultations in Vedic Astrology

Guided meditations with Vedic Astrology

Drawing inspiration from different spiritual traditions, here are some meditations to help you find calm, strength and solace in troubled times. Some are designed for specific transits and progressions, while others are for general all-round use.  

Make time to be in solitude, and to find yourself again. 

Awakening to Your Higher Self

A Yama Death Meditation

Here is a meditation that invokes Yama, the God of Death and the Lord of Justice. In Vedic astrology, Yama is associated with Saturn, which governs Time, Karma and justice. This meditation will guide you through a process of letting go of your current self, and embracing a Higher Version of yourself, one that is free from attachment and limitation. By coming in contact with Yama, and surrendering to Him in all His glory, you gain a deeper understanding of your karmic patterns and life lessons, and move towards inner peace and enlightenment. Approach this meditation with caution and care, and seek guidance from a qualified teacher or spiritual mentor if needed.

Mercury Retrograde


3 guided meditations for times when Mercury turns retrograde - to prepare, to deal with and then to clean up any residue left behind. For details about this transit, head to my blog post by the same title: Mercury Retrograde

Microcosmic Orbit

Here is a meditation that I learnt from legendary breatharian, Elitom El-Amin. Known as the Microcosmic Orbit, it helps immensely with energy cultivation. It is similar to the Vipassana technique that asks us to become aware of sensations in the body, but follows a smaller orbit from the navel downwards to the genital area and the base of the spine, then up the back along the center line to the crown of the head, then over the head and down the front of the body back to the starting point, making a full circle. It passes through each Chakra, and thereby addresses all the planets that rule each energy center. I have found that meditations such as these that move energy around the body are better suited for a Pranic lifestyle. See my blog post for more details on this.

- Vikram Devatha -

Want a specific guided meditation?

There are several interesting meditations out there, for very specific purposes. I use an app call Oak for my own meditations, and would recommend that if you're looking for one. Alternatively, if you are facing a particular problem, or an upcoming Transit or Planetary Period, let me know, and I'll either point you in the right direction, or record a meditation for you. 

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