Consultations in Vedic Astrology

Learn Vedic Astrology Online

Would you like learn Vedic Astrology? In a simple, clear and structured manner, from the comfort of your own home? Here are webinars that you can download and review them in your own time. They cover the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology, help you gently enter this vast field of knowledge. 

Houses in Vedic Astrology

Learn the basics of different House systems in Astrology and the rules for interpreting them. This includes the Astronomy behind the Houses, key significations and Karaka Grahas of each House, the different areas of life that they govern, as well as stanzas from the Scriptures for interpreting them in your own natal chart. 8 sessions, yours to keep. 

Secrets of the Zodiac

Learn about the characteristics of the Signs in a story-telling format which will help you remember the uniqueness of each Sign - the elements, rulership, friends and enemies. See the charts of famous people and understand how each Sign has contributed to their personalities. 8 sessions, yours to download and review. 

Starting out with Vedic Astrology 2

Delve into Indian and Greek mythology and explore the planets, signs & houses. Learn about aspects, relationships and Nakshatras while reading a chart. Get a better idea of the different tools used by a Vedic Astrologer in the course of delineating a chart. 8 videos yours to keep, and revisit them any time in the future. 

Starting out with Vedic Astrology 1

Understand the philosophy of Vedic Astrology, and how it can be used to help people. Learn about fate and free will, the birth chart, different divisions of the Zodiac, and how each division helps us understand the chart a little bit better. 8 videos yours to keep, and you can revisit them any time in the future. 

- Vikram Devatha -

Have questions?

You may be feeling overwhelmed with all the different books and courses on this topic out there. Dont worry, you're not alone :) If you would like to speak with me, or have some queries on getting started with Vedic Astrology, send me an email. If you are already familiar with this topic, read my blog


"I loved the clarity, the depth, and the creativity of your pedagogy: the stories and metaphors brought liveliness to the teachings. Vikram you are an excellent teacher who prepare well the sessions and is offering us practical tools to navigate with ease and simplicity in this Astrological river of information. I’m delighted to have started this journey with a teacher who is passionate, pedagogue, clear, present and creative. With gratitude and enthusiasm to continue this learning journey"