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A meeting in Capricorn

If I told you that world leaders are meeting in New Delhi, what do you suppose the agenda would be? It will be about India without any doubt, isn't it? Instead of Delhi, what if they were meeting in Hollywood? Then most certainly the group will discuss cinema, art and drama and entertainment. So you see, the place and the environment of a meeting, can be used to infer the agenda for that meeting.

Now what if a meeting was taking place in Capricorn? What can we infer about the agenda of such a meeting? And what will each of the attendees bring to the table? Because that is exactly what has been scheduled for 10th and 11th Feb 2021. The planetary cabinet - the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are scheduled to meet in sidereal Capricorn, with Saturn playing the role of the host.

As I write this on 31st Jan, 5 planets have already arrived in Capricorn. Mercury was moving full on in Aquarius, but decided to change directions, and is now heading back to Capricorn in retrograde motion. Meanwhile, the Moon is in Leo and knows she will meet the rest of the tribe, around Feb 10th. That is when the Moon and Pluto will be in Uttarashada, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in Shravana, and the Sun and Mercury in Dhanishta. The following day Moon moves into Shravana, making it 4 planets in the same Nakshatra. The meeting is taking place on Krishnapaksha Amavasya, a new moon day, which marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

The basics

The analogy used to describe Capricorn is that of a wild mountain goat that flourishes on scrubby grass and is attempting to climb the vertical face of a mountain, skillfully jumping over rocks to reach the top. He doesn't mind butting anyone that comes in his way, and though the climb may seem risky and foolhardy for anyone watching, rest assured it has been well planned out to the smallest of details. Being the 10th sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn is considered as the natural significator for career and profession, and the projects that we take up in the external world. It also represents all forms of authority, such as the manager, regulatory authorities, the government, and so on.

Capricorn has 3 nakshatras - Uttarashada, Shravana and Dhanishta.

Uttarashada is described in Taittiriya Brahmana of the Krishna Yajurveda as "visheveshaam devaanaamuttaraah abhijayatparastaadabhijitamavastaaat", translated as "the victories of the Divine Lords is superiorly conquering from above, and complete victory from below". Hence, this nakshatra is associated with leadership, and the act of overcoming challenges in life.

The verse given for Shravana is "vishnoh shronnaa prcchamaanaah parastaatpanthaa avastaat", i.e. "The cripples of The All Pervasive Vishnu are inquiring ideas from above and the paths from below". Needless to say, the deity of Shravana is Vishnu, the One who permeates everything by being at the heart of everything.

Dhanishta is described as "vasuunaam shravishthaah bhutan parastaadbhuutiravastaat" translated as "The most famous of The Excellent Ones are the past from above and the thriving from below", meaning what we have accomplished in our past, plays a vital role in our future success.

The agenda

So how will this meeting turn out? What are these planets planning to do? Or are they coming together to make amends for the mess that was created in the past few weeks, if not months. At a broad sign-level, the planets are likely to emphasize the importance of planning, of being structured and disciplined, avoiding any risky endeavor, and focusing on perseverance and hard work. Rahu and Ketu sign-aspecting Capricorn can make it challenging to keep everything together.

The Sun, the mighty king and ruler of our Solar System, is the very source of life, and hence indicates the Soul or Consciousness of an individual, nation or event. He is concerned mainly about his pride and reputation, as well as his kingdom Leo, which is an inconvenient 8 zodiacal signs away. He is also in his arch enemy's sign, making him uncomfortable and prone to getting annoyed pretty fast. The Sun is in Dhanishta, emphasizing that our we need to work on recognizing our innate strengths and abilities, and use them to generate even greater levels of fame and prosperity (success).

Mercury is retrograde in Dhanishta and transits Shravana before turning direct again. It appears as though Mercury wants us to reflect on how we are communicating our strengths to others, especially at work. This could also apply to all our interactions with those in authority, or with those whom we look up to. Venus being in Shravana as well, can make the process of reflection and introspection a rewarding one, if we choose to make time for that. There is a possibility that there can be a lot of growth from this process, shown by the two great teachers, Jupiter and Saturn, in the same nakshatra. Pluto in Uttarashada is attempting to transform the way we lead, and could even mark a generational shift in matters of governance.

The host of this grand meeting is Saturn, the ascetic, monk and hermit who wants to teach the importance of finding one's path by oneself, the importance of staying humble and being of service to others. While Saturn could achieve that in the way we communicate (Mercury), by transmuting our preferences (Venus) and changing our outlook (Moon), will it be successful in making even the King (the Sun) bend his knees?

All of this needs to be applied to the individual, community or nation by checking the House that Capricorn rules in the natal chart. For instance, if Aries is the Ascendant, Sun Sign or Moon Sign, then Capricorn becomes the 10th house. In this case, the agenda of this meeting could be the need to start reflecting on our strengths in our career/profession, in order to firmly fix our hearts and minds on a clear and well defined goal, and then chart our way towards it, slowly and steadily, patiently and perseveringly, having full faith in the One who permeates all beings, to show us the Way.

But if the Ascendant, Sun Sign or Moon Sign happens to be Leo, then Capricorn becomes the 5th House. In the chart of an individual, the 5th rules children, romance, creative intelligence, wisdom and the good effects of past deeds. In the chart of a community or nation, the 5th governs emotional stability, speculative and entrepreneurial nature, morals and ethics of the residents, as well as a sense of communal harmony. In such a case, this meeting is highlighting the need to identify what we have achieved in these areas, and to use that to lead our teams forward.

Broadly, there are 2 camps of planets in Vedic Astrology, and this meeting will be attended by planets from both the camps. The Sun and Saturn are arch enemies, Mercury can't stand the Moon, and Venus and Jupiter don't see eye to eye! The saving grace here is that Mars, the fiery commander of the army, will not be present. We can only thank the heavens for this, for if he were also involved, then god only knows what would have happened. For if we look back in history, the last time such a meeting took place with Mars, was in 1961-62, also in Capricorn, which marked the start of the Indo-China war. Though that meeting was attended by a slightly different group, we cannot ignore the implications of such grand meetings.

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