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What do you do with an Astrology reading?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

An Astrology reading can give you a wealth of information on your character and personality, as well as those of your loved ones. It can reveal deep seated tendencies, and your usual modes of behavior. In the case of a Horary Chart, the Reading can throw light on the matter in question. But what does one do with all this information?

A client asked me today what is to be done with information obtained from an Astrology Reading. I thought this was a very pertinent question - consulting the Natal chart, or the Horary Chart, can give very valuable information about an issue or matter in question. But then, what is one supposed to do with that? Is it all Fate, and we are predestined as indicated by the stars? Or do we have any Free Will to choose our own course of action? And if we indeed have free will, then what is the purpose of consulting the stars in the first place?

These are questions that keep coming up in my Readings, and over the past few years, I have made it a point to start my sessions by explaining that it is always a mix of Fate and Free Will. There are matters that have been preordained, which cannot be changed no-matter-what, and at the same time there are a vast majority of events that are within our control, which we can change. The amount of Fate & Free Will in our lives, depends on ourselves, on how much we have evolved on our Paths, how disciplined and resolved we are to change our deep rooted tendencies. Astrology helps in revealing these tendencies to us, and it is up to us, to either change these tendencies, or to submit to them.

But still, the question remains - what is a client supposed to do with information gained from a Reading? There are three things that pop up as a reply to this question.

One, I believe that the very fact of knowing something, of knowing our tendencies, of knowing our strengths and weaknesses can have a tremendous impact on the course of our lives. The fact that we are aware of something means that we can make decisions more consciously, and navigate our lives in a more conscious manner. For instance, if I become aware that I have a tendency to erupt when speaking with my mother, and I know from our respective charts that it is the same for her as well, then I can be more conscious of this urge in me when I do speak with her. And find ways to deal with the 'tendency to erupt', rather than to let it to happen as always.

Two, this knowledge makes me take responsibility for my actions, rather than lay the blame on factors external to myself. For example, if I know that the Fire element is strong in me, and Mars has a full aspect on my Ascendant, I can take responsibility for the strong drives and aggression in me, rather than blame my mother for being slow. As you learn to take responsibility for your tendencies, you will learn how to work with them, and in the process grow as an individual.

Three, by becoming more aware of my tendencies, I can explore a wide range of remedies that Astrology provides for healing a planetary combination, strengthening a planet, or fortifying a House. The remedies that would be best for a Client will change from person t person, and can be identified by an Astrologer from the chart in question.

It is necessary for us to reflect on ourselves, and become aware of our natures, in order to improve our interpersonal relationships. Astrology provides a wealth of information that we can either choose to consider, or choose to ignore. It is best if the information so gained is used in the best interests of all.

Thoughts, comments? Use the comments section below.

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