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My sessions are 60 minutes duration each, and can take place in person (if you are in Auroville, India) or online over Zoom. I have found that it usually takes 2-3 sessions to get a good understanding of a chart, and I would recommend planning for 3 or more. My sessions are Rs. 2500 a session if you are living and working in India, 50 Euro a session otherwise. If you book 3 or more sessions, then I can offer a 10% discount. Mini sessions are also possible, of half hour each, and will be half price. However, i personally discourage mini-sessions as it is not possible to provide an in-depth reading in such a short time. Payments can be made with all debit and credit cards. Click on the link below to transfer your payment for these sessions; you will be redirected to my payment gateway. If you prefer an alternative mode of payment, let me know. Please feel free to read the Terms & Conditions for using my services.   



"You have a very helpful, rational and sensible approach to astrology! They say that the quality of questions determine how good the answer will be and you have given me a lot of good questions to ponder. So thank you! I think it gave a confirmation of what I feel my innermost desires are and brought up the big question of what it means in my life today and what I can do to go further in that direction. So I will be working on that."

- Deoyani