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Guided meditations with planets and stars, as remedies to transits and progressions

There are numerous remedies give in the Vedic Scriptures to enable us deal with the vicissitude of Life. These range from homas and yagnas, to japa, mantra and the different forms of Yoga (Gnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga in particular).

Drawing inspiration from different spiritual traditions, here are some meditations to help you find strength and solace in troubled times. Some are designed for specific transits and progressions, while others are for general all-round use. 


Make time to be in solitude, and to find yourself again. 

Mercury Retrograde


3 guided meditations for times when Mercury turns retrograde - to prepare, to deal with and then to clean up any residue left behind. For details about this transit, head to my blog post by the same title: Mercury Retrograde