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Answers to Queries using Astrology

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Here is a way to get answers to your questions. And yes, any question.. Whether it is about career, or relationships, or family, or your next project. The idea is simple. All the answers, to any question that is important to you at this time, is in the present moment. So if you allow the present to speak, and pause a little to understand what it is trying to say, you will find your answer.

This may seem too good to be true, and it is. We are conditioned to think that our questions are complex, that they need a lot of processing and rationalizing, and planning and forethought. Maybe.. But there is this other way, of tapping into the energy of the moment to find our answers, and the guidance that we are looking or. And as everything else, this technique too can be improved with practice. Meaning, the more you use this method, the more you will get the hang of it and the more it will start to speak to you.

The method is simple, yet profound. Write down your question, be as specific as you can be, and play the video clip below. Take a few deep breaths, connect to your question, and when you feel ready, stop the video. And what you see, will be the answer you need at this moment.

Technically speaking, the answer you get is to be taken as Lagna (or Ascendant) in the horary chart. In the traditional method, the astrologer asks the querant for a number between 1 and 108 (being the nakshatra padas), and the number given becomes the starting point for interpreting the prasna chart. However, I feel the number the querant gives is biased (especially when we consult the second time)... But, if we resort to a neutral tool for picking the Lagna, like picking a card from a deck, or with a tool such as this one, it gets to be more authentic.

You will need to know what each symbol stands for, and the characteristics and peculiarities of each. Reach out to me if you need help with it. If you get a blank screen, ask yourself if the question is clear enough, and if you really need to know the answer.

Pic credits: Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Audio credits: Eternal Garden by Dan Henig

P.S. Kinds of questions

Although any question can be asked, the scriptures state that certain kinds of questions are to be avoided. This includes questions that are not foremost on your mind, questions from those who doubt Vedic Astrology and/or the astrologer, questions from those who do not acknowledge the role of the astrologer, and so on. Also, repeatedly asking the same question in different ways, or asking more than one question at any given time is to be avoided. In order to get the best results, questions should be formulated clearly and truthfully, and as straightforward as possible. Close ended questions are better than open ended questions, and if/then, if/when, either/or kind of questions is to be avoided.

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