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How "Self Inquiry" helps in understanding Fate & Free Will

A common question that arises in almost every reading, is whether the birth chart has pre-determined our lives, and if we have any say in that matter. After all, if everything has already been written down and cast in stone, then what's the point of even 'attempting' to do anything? And if on the other hand, nothing is destined and it was all left to our discretion, then why is it that some of us have to struggle to reach our goals? Why is it that some people have it so easy, while many others don't even stand a chance?

If such questions are on your mind, then here's a podcast where I was interviewed on my views on this topic, and how I approach Vedic Astrology. I speak about Karma and Destiny, fate and free will, how Astrology fits in the grand scheme of things, its roots in ancient Astronomy, and how this is ultimately a tool that helps us reach our goals. Much of this is what I share with my clients in the first reading, as many are of the view that Astrology is all about "predicting the future". We can't be further from the truth. Astrology helps us understand ourselves first, which then helps us achieve whatever we want to.

If this topic interests you, subscribe to Chaitanya's podcast on Spotify, called "Chai for the Day". She explores ancient wisdom and its relevance to our daily lives, bringing together different thought leaders, scholars and experts on a journey of self inquiry.

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