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Astrology 101

Discover the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology and how it connects us all. Learn to analyse your birth chart and act from a space of Vedic knowledge. 


This will be a 1-year deep dive into the Stars & Planets, for personal growth and self development, starting from 12th April 2024!

What is Vedic Astrology?

This is an ancient system of Astrology as spoken in the Vedas. It helps us in exploring the connection between our lives with the position of the Planets and Stars above. It provides insights into our personalities, life events, true purpose,  spiritual path and much more. I practice and teach Vedic Astrology in a holistic manner, and my flagship program is Astrology101. 

Voices of Transformation - Hear from my students

This will be the 3rd batch that I'll be leading on a year-long journey of self discovery. Hear what other students have said about this program in the past. Let their experiences inspire you to pursue this program. 

Thank you for watching. If you wish to sign up, fill up the registration form at the bottom of the page, and I'll be in touch with you. For more details, continue reading.

Who is this program for?
  • Perfect for beginners and those seeking deeper insights into Vedic Astrology

  • For those who prefer individual focus and support

  • For those who want a holistic understanding of Vedic Astrology and its profound connection to life's journey

Why should you join?

Astrology101 is for you 

  • if you're curious about the stars and their connection to our lives

  • if you're open to different perspectives about your Self, your life's direction and soul purpose

  • if you're interested in a holistic understanding of Vedic Astrology through intellectual and experiential activities

  • if you want to deepen your spiritual journey

How will you benefit?
  • You will learn the basics of Astronomy, Astrology, Indian philosophy and Vedic Mythology

  • You will start to interpret  your birth chart using these 4 pillars

  • You will integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application

  • You will have access to all decks and recordings

  • Upon completion, you will earn a certificate to enrol in the 2nd year of study

What is the program structure?
  • 2-hour weekly online classes with individual and group work

  • Five 3-day retreats spread over the year to deepen your understanding

  • Flexible payment option to ensure accessibility and inclusivity

Ready to rediscover yourself?

In order to maintain the quality of learning and to ensure that you receive personalised attention, we will be limiting this batch to just 25 learners. This ensures focused guidance and fosters meaningful group interaction as well. Since there are limited spots, we will be selecting learners carefully. Please register below to secure your place, and I'll contact you for next steps.

This Program is offered on a pay-as-per-your-capacity model, to ensure it is accessible for all. You'll join a community that values Vedic wisdom and self growth. Please contribute what feels fair to you, considering that it supports the continuation and growth of my offering. What you'll receive:


100+ hrs of online classes
Access to teaching material
Recordings of online classes
Five 3-day in-person retreats

Certificate with video testimonial

Thanks! Please check your email for next steps.

About me

I am Vikram Devatha, I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Vedic Astrology from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. I also have a post graduate degree in Data Science and Business Analytics from the Indian School of Business (Hyderabad). This blend of Vedic wisdom with machine learning and AI, gives me a unique perspective in understanding and teaching this Divine Science. I have been teaching Astrology for over 23 years, and offered several workshops & retreats in the past. If you wish to speak, click on the button below to schedule a call with me. 

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