Preparing for a Reading

I'm of the view that an astrology session should be approached in its own right. It should not be taken lightly, and must certainly not be treated as an entertainment activity. If you are planning on having sessions with me, then note the following.


My sessions usually lasts 45-60 minutes each, and can take place in person (if you are in Auroville, India) or online (over Skype or Zoom). I have found that it usually takes 2-3 sessions to get a good understanding of a chart. So if you wish to have a deep understanding of your chart, then I would recommend planning for at least 3 sessions. Currently my calendar fills up a few weeks ahead of time, so get in touch with me to check my availability. Once we confirm the sessions, here are a few tips to help you prepare for them.

Make a note of the session date and time so you don't forget, and reconfirm it with me a day or two ahead of time. On the day of the session, find some quiet time before the reading to gather yourself, and to be present for the reading. You may also choose to reflect on any questions you have, so I can try to meet your expectations. Make sure to turn off notifications on your cell phone, so there are no distractions. During the session, you may choose to take notes, and/or record the session, so you can revisit it at a later time. After the session, I recommend that you 'sit' with what came up during the session, and consider how you will implement what we spoke about in your day-to-day life. If you have booked more than one session, then you can also start implementing the tips from the reading, and I can address any questions you have in the next session.

Even though the reading will be for an hour only, please plan 90 minutes in total... 15 minutes before the session to gather yourself, and 15 minutes after the session for a reflection. If you cannot attend for any reason, please inform me at least 2 days ahead of time so I can offer that time slot to other clients.

To read how others have benefitted from my readings, click here. Note that I am also a certified neurolife coach, and I offer coaching sessions to help my clients integrate the learnings from Astrology in their every day lives. My coaching website is

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